Episode 4 is live! The episode streamed live on December 9, 2020, but the video is available free and on-demand—just click the image below:

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Deploying Drupal on a traditional LAMP server
  • Deploying Drupal into Kubernetes using Helm
  • Deploying Drupal into a multi-node Kubernetes cluster
  • Scaling Drupal horizontally reveals some problems:
    • Persistent files
    • Persistent database
    • How do we serve from a domain and get TLS working?

Examples from this Episode

Please check out the following examples in the Episode 4 README:

  • Installing Drupal on a Traditional LAMP server
  • Installing Drupal on Kubernetes using Bitnami’s Helm Chart
  • Drupal Directly in Kubernetes - Let’s Do it [Mostly] Right!

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