Episode 5 is live! The episode streamed live on December 16, 2020, but the video is available free and on-demand—just click the image below:

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Setting up a shared filesystem to scale Drupal’s deployment
  • Setting up Horizontal Pod Autoscaling
  • Options for High-Availability Databases
  • Pre-Christmas Q&A and Book Giveaway!

Examples from this Episode

Please check out the following examples in the Episode 5 README:

  • Fixing the scalability issue with Drupal Pods
  • Shared Storage Options: Rook and Ceph, Gluster, NFS, cloud services
  • Set up an NFS Server
  • Set up NFS client provisioner in K8s
  • Reconfigure the Drupal PersistentVolumeClaim for NFS
  • Deploy Drupal and MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Scale Drupal up… and down!
  • Set up metrics-server
  • Configuring Horizontal Pod Autoscaling (HPA) for Drupal
  • Scaling Databases

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